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Dog of the Week, New Ins and Car’s the Star

Welcome to the latest edition of Sheldon’s Times. Shane has decided that I have had too many holidays and should therefore give him a break by writing the email on the next couple Fridays. Of course, I am totally going to abuse the power and write about all manner of things that wouldn’t normally make the cut – so if you have any thoughts on what you would like to read about, let me know…
This week, talk in the town has mainly been about the rising cost of living and the various sporting events that are currently happening. Some of us have the joy of school sports days to attend and many of you are taking part in healthy pursuits, or going to watch some of the great events that are happening this weekend. So tonight’s edition is going to be focussed on how to drink well without spending too much (sorry Shane!) with a sporting theme for good measure. Our old friends Dom, Margaux and Gevrey might not get much of a mention this week, so if the high end wines are what you usually enjoy most, you may want to focus on the dog and the car pictures. For the rest of you, we also have Top Tips on Drinking Well on a Budget, a couple of New Ins, the Introduction of 2 new Wine Bundles and a fun survey on What to Drink Whilst Watching Sport.
Apologies for any formatting issue – I’m a techno numpty
Amanda x.

Dog of the Week

Say hello to Ziggy. A very energetic, excitable woofit ready to leap at anything. The proud owner told us Ziggy has a touch of Border Collie, a splash of Labrador and some other bits in there. Ziggy certainly ate like a Labrador. What a sweetheart.
Many thanks to Sarah for bringing Ziggy along to see us. A real treat for us and a few treats for Ziggy too.

Beat the squeeze – Our top tips for drinking well on a budget

There is no get away from the fact that everything is increasing in price and we are having to think about how and where we spend money.  With the help of our lovely customers we have come up with  tips for still drinking great wine whilst spending less overall. Basically, it involves drinking less, spending less and/or wasting less. Simple!

Top tips for drinking less

1.Cut back on drinking days – Some of you, including Shane and Trish, have great will power and can chose to stop drinking on certain days of the week, or even for weeks at a time.

Some of us want to drink regularly but want to reduce the quantity.

2. Change glass size – Personally, I like to have 3 glasses of wine in an evening. Bizarrely, I’ve discovered that psychologically, 3 small glasses is just as good as 3 large glasses, so I simply swap to a much smaller glass and a bottle lasts 2-3 days. This only works if I put the bottle in a different room though!
3. Jude’s tip is to buy slightly more expensive wineThis puts it into ‘I can’t open that on a Tuesday, I’ll save it for the weekend ‘ category.
4. Don’t keep unopened bottles in the fridge – far too tempting. The act of having to chill a wine can be enough to put you off completely, or at least reduce the drinking window.
5. Esther’s top tip is to buy half bottles – enough for a couple of decent sized glasses, but still cheaper than a full bottle. We now have a great selection of quality wines in half bottles.
6. Break the ‘6’Oclock habit’. Instead of opening a bottle of wine, take the dog out for a walk, or do something else distracting that you enjoy (you can let your imaginations run riot here….) 

Tips for Spending Less

Spending less doesn’t necessarily mean buying lower quality, or even less wine.

Swap regions – Many famous wine regions charge a premium just because of the name. So, if you enjoy Châteauneuf du Pape, try a wine from a neighbouring region instead. Vacqueras, Gigondas and Cotes du Rhone made from the same grapes, same climate, same producer yet can cost half the price.   Most famous regions have neighbours that produce excellent  quality wines. Come in and ask us to show you which they are.

Swap countries – this will definitely be a stretch for some of you die hard Francophiles out there, but Italy, Spain and the New World Countries in particular have some amazing wines at very reasonable prices. Lower land and production costs, along with more reliable weather are just some of the factors that result in lower prices.

Swap grape varieties –There are some lovely well-made wines which are now coming through made from local and indigenous grapes from lesser known regions around the world – many of them under £12.

To encourage you to be more adventurous with trying some of these wine we have put together a couple of Summer Six bundles – reds and whites at just £60 for 6 (see below).

Tips for Wasting less
How often do you get left with one glass worth at the bottom of the bottle – just so you didn’t drink the whole bottle? I would usually start off the next night with this one, but that’s a slippery slope into opening another bottle.

Use a wine preserver  Corovin systems and even simple vacuum pumps are great for making wines last longer once they are open. No more excuses for drinking the whole bottle!

Freeze any leftovers – pour wine that you aren’t going to have in the next couple of day in an ice-cube tray. This can then be used for sauces and cooking with – instead of wasting the fresh stuff!
Esther’s top tip – plan meals around the wines that you will be drinking so that you can have the same wine/s over 2 nights and still match with the food. (That one is for the very planful amongst you)

Come in and talk to us about making your budget stretch further. Just make sure you don’t ask Shane.

This weekend’s sporting events and what to drink with them

One of my favourite pastimes is matching films to drinks (try it before you knock it)
As a bit of fun I have extended it to Sporting event in honour of the incredible International Sporting Events that are on this weekend. Not being a huge fan of some of the upcoming sports, this was a bit of a challenge so I had to enlist the opinions of many of this week’s customers – with some interesting results …

Cricket – England v India at Edgbaston, First Test  – This one I can do, as an avid cricket fan. It’s a long day, so Pimms, Sparkling wine English Digby Sparkling rosé  and Lyme Bay Classic Cuvee. Finished off with a big robust Trastullo Primitivo
Wimbledon – Stressful  matches with the few remaining British players – Emotion white Colombelle from the South of France (very gluggable)
 Mixed doubles – easy drinking rosé such as the soft and fruity Cantele rosato

British Grand Prix – a big red, such as the Australian Jester Shiraz, or Italian Amarone. If our favourite driver / team wins  maybe a bottle of Italian sparking wine such as Divici Prosecco. Apparently the drivers no longer celebrate with champagne on the podium. Since 2021 Ferrari (nothing to do with the car) have provided traditional method Italian sparkling wine to spray into the faces of their rivals. Everyone is economising!

Interestingly, I have discovered from talking to a couple of local racing fans that they don’t actually drink alcohol whist watching the race as they need to concentrate. They also like to watch it without the distraction of other people, then get together to discuss it afterwards.

Tour de France – Cycling. Something very hydrating and low alcohol. Smashed Lager, Pale Ale or Cider –  0% alcohol. (See New Ins below)

Fishing – Not an international spectator sport, but many of our customers this week are keen fishermen/women and have gone fly fishing. Judging by the amount of alcohol they take on their trips, it is a very sociable affair that involves a lot of drinking. Scottish whisky, such as the Speyburn Braden Orach (Gaelic for ‘Golden Salmon’ found on the river Spey ) was the drink of choice of one customer surveyed who was off up to Tyneside to fish this weekend. He was following that up with a magnum of Gardera Bordeaux (It’s okay -its only £26.95)
I shall be interested to hear how many got away….

England is hosting the Football Women’s European  Cup starting  on 6th July,  and we will be getting behind the English and Northern Ireland teams throughout the tournament. I think this one will require something quite strong and distracting – possibly Gin or neat Bourbon.   Next week we will be having the return of the International football team drinking game by popular demand.

New Ins

Just a couple this week and a returner.
Smashed Cider 0% Apple Cider – Thank you to Will for recommending this lovely refreshing cider. Esther, Jude and I tried it with our lunch, and all agreed that it was delicious. Slightly cloudy with aromas of freshly crushed apple. Pleasantly sparkling with a clean fresh taste. £1.95 for 330ml
2021 Sacha Lichine Single Blend Rosé – A simple, refreshing Grenache-based rose made by Sacha Lichine , producer of Whispering Angel. Lovely as a summer aperitif £14.95

Back in
2020 Mottura Negroamaro del Salento  – A medium bodied, easy drinking red with soft, ripe red fruit flavours and low tannins. £9.95

 Summer Six Bundles

As mentioned above we have put together  a couple of Bundles of Whites and Reds for Summer. All great value and an opportunity to try some different grapes and regions.

The reds are soft and juicy with low tannins for easy Summer drinking and the whites have been chosen for their fresh flavours. Each box of 6 costs just £60

Calling All Car Lovers – 17th July at Alscot Park

On Sunday 17th July our friends at Shipston Home Nursing are hosting a “Party in the Park” at Alscot Park just south of Stratford upon Avon. General details are available on the SHN website and social media pages.
There will be a gathering of classic and performance cars at the event. As I know how enthusiastic some of you are about our four-wheeled friends I thought it worth mentioning. Turns out if you are particularly keen you can take your pride and joy along. If you fancy taking a car please email Peter Barnett-Hunt for details and to register your vehicle. Peter is on Only 100 cars will be on show so jump in early. Bearing in mind Alscot is rarely open to the public, this is a great opportunity to enjoy the park with likeminded friends and family. And you will be supporting our selected charity for 2022 which should give you a warm glow inside (very much like a glass of fine Claret).

Car’s the Star

We had a couple of Land Rovers recently, both of which were ‘relatively’ modern editions. Today we are reaching back. A Series IIA and by the position of the headlights (on the wings rather than in the central grille) suggests this is a late 1960’s or very early 1970’s build. This particular vehicle has had a full rebuild, including a base metal respray. Immaculate condition and great fun!
A big thank you to Will for bringing it down so soon after the completion of the work. Like having a brand new ‘old’ Land Rover. It will never be quite as clean again. I certainly hope not.
That just about wraps it up for this week – the weather forecast over the weekend looks a bit iffy, so pack your macs if you are out and about. Summer is due to return on Monday with next week looking glorious.
We would like to congratulate Ed and Chloe who are finally having their Wedding Celebration Party this weekend – have a great time.
Jude and Amanda are both in this Saturday to help you with your wine requirements to watch the sport with, so please come along and put them to the test (subtle pun intended).
Have a great weekend from your cost conscious, armchair sport fan, dog loving, cake munching team at Sheldons.
Shane, Carol, Amanda, Esther Jude, Trish, Carol and Nigel x
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