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Sketch meets DotW, Parrot of the Week, 3 Men Update, New Ins and Car’s the Star. And a big apology.

Firstly may I offer a huge and unreserved apology to anyone who got caught up in the traffic nightmare in Shipston this morning (c. 8.50am). It was our fault. Sort of. Our Champagne delivery arrived from France in an 8 metre arctic truck. Unfortunately the driver decided to park on the main road in a way that prevented buses and lorries from coming round the one-way circuit. For a short time we caused traffic chaos. Sorry about that.
Tonight’s edition of Sheldon’s Times is less about wine, more a call to arms on a number of topics. We have a sketch with last week’s DotW, a need to find a parakeet a home, a final call for donations to 3 Men in a Boat, some New Ins and a rather neat Car’s the Star. No time to hang around – press ahead.

Sketch meets DotW

Remember Fonzi? Our fun-loving Chihuahua from last week? Well, one of our regular younger readers who has a penchant for our furry friends has been busy with pad and biro. Not a bad effort at all.
A big thank you to Eleanor for the excellent piece of artwork I have seen. And also the most inventive way of getting out of the spelling homework due the next morning!

Parrot of the Week (revisited)

With a not-quite-proper DotW article above, I thought we might be able to squeeze in a revisit to our Parrot of the Week feature, not least because we have such an important entry. The following feathered friend was discovered in a garden in Great Rollright but the leg ring doesn’t provide any information about his owner.
He’s a Parakeet and is currently comfortably housed at the veterinary surgery in Hook Norton but understandably the team are keen to find the owner and return this lovely bird to his home. If you have any idea where he might live please get in touch with the surgery or drop us a line and we’ll make the connection. Many thanks!

3 Men in a Boat – the final call

Thank you all for allowing me the privilege of a mid-week email to keep you all updated on our intrepid adventurers. I have had the call from the team this evening and the great news is that they have completed the task, a day early! Some stats to help you understand the enormity of their efforts:

Distance covered: 85 miles (wow, in that old boat?)
Nights slept rough: 3 (ok, so it should be 4, they may have had one night in the hotel)
Bottles drunk on route: 56 (good effort)
Calories burned: 846,729kcals (but very few steps on the pedometer)

Join me in congratulating these committed Gentlemen. I know they found it significantly more challenging than anticipated, all the more reason to support the cause. They surpassed their dream target of raising £10,000 on Thursday and funds continue to roll in. The best way you can do your bit is to make a donation which you can do by clicking the below button. No need for holding back.
Click here to donate to 3 Men in a Boat
I know Will, David and Jonathan want to say a huge thank you to all of you who have already made a donation. Your contribution is really appreciated. I saw Rebecca from Shipston Home Nursing (SHN) during the week and she and the team at SHN are absolutely made up with the funds raised. We will add up the number of Sheldon’s champagne bottles sold next week, I will then double the number and make a donation from the wine shop. I am sure the chaps will enjoy a drink or two this evening and hopefully get a good night’s sleep!
Well done 3 Men in a Boat!

New Ins and Returns

First up tonight we have a return to our shelves following a period of absence. Quinta Vide was a very popular mid-range Albarino, loved by many of you and one of the first ‘proper’ Albarinos we managed to source. It comes from Rias Baixas in North West Spain, the home of the Albarino grape.
In the changing wine world it is likely that this wine will soon be unavailable in the UK (the company importing this wine has been sold and the new owner is unlikely to maintain the supply), so we have bought the last of the remaining stocks. The price remains the same as before at £14.25, so fill your boots. 132 bottles available.
Next up is another new Spanish wine, an addition to the Ribera del Duero range. We have stocked a wine called Figuero 4 for some time. A short while ago we were lucky enough to try 3 other wines from the Figuero range. We have settled on adding 2 further wines. Figuero 12 is a step up from Figuero 4, the number in the name represents the number of months the wine has been matured in oak barrels. Figuero 12 is a full wine with ripe red fruits, a touch of spice and pepper. There is a touch of balsamic too. Tannins are well integrated, it is a smoother wine than Figuero 4. £23.75.
In the near future we will also be adding Figuero 15 to the range. It is a step up in price from 12 but also another step up in quality. Just waiting for it to arrive in the UK.

Other wines that have just come in are mostly restocks. We were expecting another parcel to arrive today but it has been delayed to next week:

Edward Sheldon Champagne in halves – it’s back!
2002 Dom Perignon (restock)

2009 Chateau Bourgneuf Pomerol (restock)

Car’s the Star

I haven’t seen many of these around. In fact I think this is the only one I’ve seen. Some manufacturers of prestige cars have dipped into the SUV and ultra-luxury category somewhat unsuccessfully, others have done a great job. When Aston announced the DBX I confess that I was a little nervous, but they have done an exceptional job. When I took the photo the car was in the car park and I was above it on the loading bay ramp. From above this SUV looks almost saloon like. Great styling with all of the core charateristics of Aston retained.
Many thanks to Seamus for bringing it along (again). Always a pleasure to see it (and you) at the shop.
That will do for tonight’s edition of Sheldon’s Times. The forecast for the Bank Holiday weekend ahead looks medium to well done so drop by tomorrow, buy your rose and BBQ reds and plough into a food-and-drink-with-friends-and-family few days. Trish and I will be here to serve you tomorrow, we look forward to seeing you. And enjoy the extra day off.

Shane, Amanda, Esther, Nigel, Trish and Carol

Your fund-raising-supportive, Albarino-drinking, Parakeet-home-finding wine team at Sheldon’s Wine Cellars

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