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DotW, Memorabilia, Footie, New Ins and Car’s the Star

Seems we are still in the football competition. Who would have thought it? Amanda has provided us with a updated, simpler version of her game for Sunday. This is good news, I think we might need things as straightforward as possible on the night.
The usual raft of articles tonight. We have received yet another item of memorabilia. Lots of lovely New Ins (if you don’t buy the mags of Allees you are missing out) including some v. old Claret for those who fancy taking a punt. Interesting bottles, I will certainly be trying one each of the ’85s. And a smart car too. On you go.

Dog of the Week

First up an Editors apology. Last week we had Hector the Labrador. I should have explained that Hector the Labrador was of course not Hector The Glorious Victorious, last year’s Dog of the Year. Hector TGV was a little upset (to say the least) when he saw the ‘new’ Hector in last week’s Sheldon‘s Times. I think he might be worried that the new Hector is vying for position of ‘Top Dog’. Nothing wrong with a bit of healthy competition. I think both Hectors should be a little worried, because here is Bea. Isn’t she cute? And so much better behaved.
Many thanks to Claire for bringing Bea to see us. Game on!

Shop Memorabilia – 1949 Price List

Another piece of Sheldon‘s history was delivered to the shop this week, this time an old price list dating from 1949. It fills a gap in our archive and is therefore a welcome addition to the lists we already have in the shop. Each one is different and represents the range of wines the shop held at that time and to a degree the state of the wine market. Coming not long after WWII, this list is far less comprehensive than the list we have from 1894.
If you look closely at the cover you can see the shop telephone number: Shipston-on-Stour 9 (9 is still the last digit in our phone number). And the main method of transport at that time was the train, so it is the train station listed on the book, not the address. Inside the book has many gems. Claret names are familiar (Calon Segur, Leoville Barton), Champagne prices are remarkably uniform (a bottle of Bollinger was the same price as a bottle of Lanson, a bottle of Perrier Jouet and even a bottle of Krug), Sanatogen makes an appearance as a ‘tonic wine’ and the most expensive bottle in the whole brochure is not the 1945 Chateau d’Yquem as you might expect (sold at the time for 30 shillings a bottle, current market value around £2900) but is Hennessy XO Cognac (65 shillings at the time, unable to provide current market value because it is a non-vintage product). I guess I am not that surprised. The brochure was printed at Beachus & Son, Old Road, Shipston on Stour. Many thanks to the lovely lady who brought it in (Annette? Apologies, I didn’t jot down your name). We might do some additional research on some of these documents and report back. And if any of you have other items of memorabilia relating to the shop (photos, price lists, maps etc) please do drop them in – they may earn you a bottle of wine!

Football Update – the FINAL!

Surely this has to be Amanda’s last piece on the footie?! I guess we might allow her one more go if the result is a decent one. But for now, here is the latest extension to the EUROs wine game.
Well – who’d have thought we’d have made it to the final? There must be something in this football and wine pairing that is paying off. I’m considering doing it for other sports to see if it has the same impact….
For Sunday’s final I am probably going to start before the match. I may even be sharing the wine this time as Shane has been a superstar and has managed to secure some Jeroboams of 2009 Nyetimber Classic Cuvee. That should take me up to half time. Then, as it’s a game of two halves, I am considering moving onto the Lyme Bay Pinot Noir Rose.
For the Italian side I shall be going for something big, fruity and gluggable  – so it’s got to be the Trastullo Primitivo.
As for our wine game, this time I’m going to simplify the rules (it was quite hard to keep up with the fouls, free kicks and corners on Wednesday night – I kept spilling my wine.)
The new rules
Pick one player from each side – preferably someone who isn’t going to be substituted early as that will curtail your drinking opportunities.
Every time they get the ball, you get to have a sip of the appropriate wine – unless England are losing, then have a big gulp. I’m choosing Raheem Sterling and Ciro Immobile. Fingers crossed. It may be coming home after all ….Amanda x
Wine of the week – Jancis Robinson’s, not ours!
“Our 967th wine of the week is a sweet sherry for only the most enlightened wine lovers” (RH)
Having just received my regular weekly report from Jancis, it is nice to see Richard Hemming’s write up of the JR Wine of the Week – Lustau’s East India Solera NV Sherry. As many of you know, we have been serious proponents of Lustau sherries for some time and East India is a big favourite. We have it in stock. If you want to read Richard’s write up you can find it here:
Richard Hemming’s write up on Lustau East India Sherry

New Ins

(We have been raiding the Nyetimber cellars again)
Nyetimber Classic Cuvee 2009 release bottles (£50)
Nyetimber Classic Cuvee 2009 release Jeroboams (3 litres, 4 standard bottles, only 2 available, £278/Jero)White:
2019 Noel Saint Laurent Blanc Cotes du Rhone (£10.75)
2019 Vacheron Sancerre (£29)Reds:
(a couple of lovely old Clarets have just come in for those curious about what old wine really tastes like)
2019 Noel Saint Laurent Rouge Cotes du Rhone (£10.75)
2019 Noel Saint Laurent Rouge Cotes du Rhone Magnums (£22.95)
2016 Figuero 15 Ribera del Duero, Spain (£35/bt)
2015 Allees de Cantemerle (second wine of Ch. Cantemerle), bottles (£23) and mags (£50 – crazy I know so fill yer boots)
2010 Chasse Spleen mags (£105/mag)
2005 Pedesclaux Pauillac (£49/bt)
1985 Haut Batailley Pauillac (£75/bt)
1985 L’Enclos Pomerol (£80/bt)Other:
(for mixing, for cocktails, for sipping, for fun)

Creme de Cassis (£21.95)
Creme de Fraise des Bois (£21.95)
Creme de Framboise (£21.95)
Creme de Cacao (£25.50)
Creme de Cacao Blanc (£25.50)
Creme de Menthe Blanche (£25.50)
Sigognac VSOP Armagnac (£38.50)
Sigognac 10YO Armagnac (£48.50)
Clos Martin 1989 Armagnac (£69.50)
Kentucky Vintage Small Batch Bourbon (£54.95)
Glenmorangie 18 YO (£89.95)

Car’s the Star

Always a pleasure to see another Aston at the shop. It was early one Saturday morning when this lovely DB11 appeared, just before opening. What’s not to like about this car? Even the numberplate made me smile.
Many thanks to Andy for popping over and having a good chat, I’ll never get bored of seeing cars like these (and any others) at the shop. Keep them coming!
With a weekend of sport ahead of us it is time to plan your drinking and get down to the shop to select some lovely bottles. Amanda and I will be here tomorrow to assist you in finding the right wine for the occasion whether it be tennis, football or just some time in the garden. Whatever the weather, enjoy your weekends.

Shane, Amanda, Esther, Nigel, Trish and Carol

Your Bea-better-than-Hector question-asking, EURO-hopeful wine team at Sheldon‘s Wine Cellars

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